So who voted for him, then?????

I’m confused. (Usually). But more so at the moment. No one’s admitting it. No one’s owning up to their vote.  Are they scared? I’m no expert on US politics, or any

So you’re confused. Big Deal….so was half the United States! Who cares… not me…it was rigged anyway.

politics for that matter (except maybe the one between the teen factions in my home) but if I’m right, more than half The United States had to have voted for Mr Trump or the applicable delegate, did they not??? At least 270 of the 538 electors….I think.   I just had a read of this ‘explanation’.  It’s good.  I’m still confused.  How US elections work.

In Australia it’s a bit different. We have the (even more) impossibly complicated Westminster system, where the local person you vote for is part of a local electorate, there’s about 150 of them, making up the whole country.  When a party gets 50% or more of the primary vote (ie you voted them as your first choice) they get to form the government….and that’s that.  However, as is usually the case, there is no clear winner with the majority, so the party with the least votes (usually the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, the Sex Lies and Videotape Party, or the Fisheries Guns Ammo Camping Caravanning and good Samurai Swords Party) gets to ‘donate’ it’s preferences to whichever of the parties it wants.  Yay, you just got two votes.  This continues, possibly many times (Yay, you just lost count of your votes) until one party is elected with over 50% of the vote.  It seems rather concerning to me that a party with only mediocre support, and a fraction of the primary vote COULD, theoretically, form a Government.  It’s quite nicely explained here: How Aussie elections work  BUT voting in Australian elections is compulsory.  You get fined if you don’t vote from age 18.  And we take it pretty damn seriously.

We take politics pretty seriously here in Australia.  Like, REALLY seriously.

So if we’re lucky, and plan our unlikely winners correctly, we could get to vote 3 or 4 times, without even having to stand in the queue again.  It’s bad enough doing it once, smelling the sausage sizzle knowing we can’t get out of the line or we’d lose our spot and have to stand in the quadrangle of the infants school for another sweltering hour. (Why they never arrange elections to be on overcast cool days when the mother-in-law was supposed to visit, I don’t know)

You Americans readers also get to do it on a Tuesday. LUCKY!! Ours is always on a Saturday. I suppose this gets you out of an hour or two of work, without even having to ring up sick! Being a Saturday, it only gets me out of my bed, or my pool, or off the lounge, or away from the first quiet cup of tea I’ve had in a week.

Easy Peasy.  You can probs even get discount meals from the takeaway joint, being Cheap Tuesday.  Done. Brilliant. Lock it in.

So back to my initial question, who voted for Trump?  (No, reader, I don’t want you to sheepishly (or not) admit your political persuasion in the comments boxes) I’m just sayin’, they’re VERY quiet whoever they are, as individuals or as a sector of the population.  They maybe smugly going about their misogynistic business of disrespecting their women and spitting at immigrants, or maybe they’re the narcissistic nouveau elite – suddenly power charged and hungry for revenge on the Taxation system and Fair Trade, ….or maybe they’re the undead read, the ones who, zombie-like, just follow the rantings of the nearest bunch of sheep.  OR MAYBE the X-files got to them, I mean the FBI files….(Didn’t Hillary Clinton’s mother ever tell her never to put anything in an email that you wouldn’t like shouted from the rooftop? OK, Hill’s mother probably doesn’t know what email is, but Bill and Hill do, so what the hell, Hill??) Or maybe the Trumpets are cowering in their closets thinking maybe they should the hell have studied the biographies and creds of the presidential candidates instead of just getting the vibe from Fox News and Facebook.   OR MAYBE the Trump voters are really pleased. Really, really pleased.  Call you patriotic?  mmmmm.
Don’t try to tell me he was the best of a bad bunch, either.   You don’t eat a piece of rotten meat just because the other one is rottener!!

donald-trump-rally-riots-double-standardI’m really cock-eyed about all this.  In Australia, and indeed around the world news I can see a lot of hysterical complaints, worries, angry tirades and rants. I’m watching shocking exposes , dubious histories, hysterical (if it weren’t so close to the truth) satires and spoofs and MASSIVE riots and protests.  I wonder who ACTUALLY  voted for this man.
OK, I get it, people don’t get on the User Review and venomously spew about their new Nissan if they’re really happy about it.  Only the sore losers usually jump around like a frog in a sock.  But the VOLUME of the rants – both in number and in decibels – I’ve never seen or heard anything like it.  It’s bizarre.

I have an opinion, hell yes I do. But it’s not my country, and I don’t have the right to say. 420-queen-keating We have had our fair share of dodgy Prime Ministers, believe me.  We had the Lizard of Oz dubbed so by the UK newspaper The Sun, when his arm slithered around ‘she who must not be touched’, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, on a visit to the UK.  He was a shifty thing.  And Kevin Bloody Rudd and his Brutus, Julia (Cock-up in a skirt) Gillard.  Now we’ve got a real doozie…Malcom I’m-so-fabulous Turnbull.  (And you thought Trump had all the aces when it came to narcissism.)   We’ve even got a home-grown version of the Make America Great party, it’s called One Nation.  Except the little lady at its head probably couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery, and doesn’t know the meaning of the word xenophobic.  Even then, I quite like the lady.  She’s ocker. True Blue. She speaks her mind, she’s a patriot that’s for sure, and she thinks we’re losing our Australian-ness.  She’s probably right.  However, it’s Pauline Hanson that reminds me that people can easily get swayed just a little bit over the bloody red line…. the one that says Do Not Cross Unless you are Morally Bankrupt.

So, just sayin’.  I think some people, in the USA, may be dangling precariously over that bloody red line.  You got your way, whoever you are.  Now be careful, or the next scream you hear may be your own…

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