You Know You’re Australian When….(part 1)

You know you’re a Fair Dinkum Aussie when…

  • You think it’s normal to wear thongs to a party, and no one thinks you mean your underwear.

    I’m going to shampoo the hubcaps.
  • You’ve said “You’re terrible, Muriel” and “Not the Kingswood!”
  • You know what a banga sanga is.
  • You know what the Great Australian Salute is.
  • You think Pat Rafter, Don Burke, Yvonne Goolagong, Merv Hughes, Dick Smith and Keiran Perkins are friggin’ legends.
  • You see people ocean fishing too close to the edge of the rocks and YOU look out to see if you can spot the 7th wave.
  • You think Jerry Seinfeld is a bit of a twat, but Carl Barron cracks you up just looking at him.

    Love Ya Carl!
  • You love a good ‘Cardo Nay’.
  • You’re a bit suss about anything that is described as Culture.
  • You’ve played the didgeridoo on your mother’s vacuum cleaner hose.
  • maxresdefault-aussie-australian-didgeridoo-funny-humour
    vacuum cleaner didgeridoo

    You’ve drunk water from the hose….not necessarily yours.

  • You don’t think it’s weird NOT to go swimming in the far north (of Australia) even when it’s 45 degrees Celsius in the shade.
  • You would wear pantyhose in the water in Cairns.
  • you don’t think Koalas are cuddly.
  • The name Cory makes you think of white rimmed sunglasses.
  • You know there will be no one in the shops on the arvo of the first Tuesday in November. (Except maybe the TAB).
  • You have scheduled a sickie.

    What you’re watching on Boxing Day.
  • you think it’s perfectly acceptable to spend Boxing Day with either the yachting, or the cricket, or preferably both, blaring out from the box.  (It IS Boxing day, right?).
  • You understand a Barbie is not a doll.
  • Pumpkins are a  pleasant roast vegetable or pig food.  Not lanterns.
  • You know what the Ol’ Coathanger is, and it isn’t in your wardrobe.
  • You think it was pretty rough suspending Dawnie for 10 years just for stealing the Emperor’s flag at the Olympics. Fair go!

    The Old Coathanger
  • You understand that chucking a U-ey is a carefully executed driving manoeuvre, and does not involve throwing anything.
  • You say ‘Scarnon?’ instead of What’s Going On?
  • You know SPF30 is the most acceptable Christmas attire.
  • You think people are mad to cook on Christmas day, that’s why God invented prawns.
  • Prue and Trude crack you up.
  • You think White Christmas is an idiotic song.
  • You would HATE the Kiwis to win ANY kind of sporting competition against you, but
    Prue and Trude from the hit Australian TV show Kath and Kim  starring Jane Turner and Gina Riley.

    if they’re pitted against anyone else you’d ALWAYS go the black and white.  Like your little brother.

  • You’ll probably laugh if you hear an American saying he’s rooting for something.
  • If you didn’t like the weather in Melbourne, you’d wait five minutes.
  • You think Southerly Busters, Roaring Forties or the Freemantle Doctor are nice, and they don’t involve medicine, boxing or dancing.
  • You KNOW what the crows are saying and it isn’t ‘caaark’.
  • Not everyone has a name, sometimes they are just dude, mate, love, darl, ….all perfectly acceptable names.

……….watch out for more…..You Know You’re an Aussie when…..

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To listen to fantastic didgeridoo vacuum cleaner music, here’s the guy that made this awesome youtube:  –
Sydney to Hobart image:
Kingswood image:

4 thoughts on “You Know You’re Australian When….(part 1)

  1. “Pumpkins are a pleasant roast vegetable or pig food. Not lanterns.” Yes! This! (I’m a Kiwi, not an Aussie, but we agree on some things.)

    Liked by 1 person

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