The Wedding

Not my usual fare, I know – but tomorrow is my 23rd wedding anniversary.  I wrote this on the morning of my wedding day. 05.03.1994

The Wedding.

In the quiet of the dawn she smiles in her sleep
and when the sun rises a promise she’ll keep.
But now she dreams of white dresses and flowers
that will all become real in a matter of hours.

The faces are prettied, the family dresses,
the hairdresser finishes arranging the tresses.
The roses delivered, the day picks up pace
and at last she lifts the veil over her face.

Her father blinks back the surprise in his eye,
he ought to have known how the years would fly by.
Her mother whispers, with an unsteady smile
how lovely she’ll be as she walks down the aisle.

Her best friend is smiling, the car waits outside.
Her heart is a-flutter, she feels like a bride.
Last photos are taken, last ‘good lucks’ are said,
then father and bridesmaid take the bride to be wed.

More photos arriving, they drive in the gate.
She’s two minutes early, supposed to be late.
The church is now crowded, the music begins.
The groom is quite anxious, the minister grins.

As father and daughter step into the aisle,
A calm fills the room and the groom starts to smile.
The afternoon blushes and sunlight is streaming
and through amber windows the happiness beaming.

The married ones live the words over again,
They remember how special it was way back then.
The single ones gaze up in awe at the Two
who seem to be bathed in a soft silvery hue.

Their hearts melt together as vows are then spoken.
The rings are exchanged as a long lasting token.
A church full of voices sing O Perfect Love
and a blessing descends on the two from Above.

And the organ and choir are in jubilant song
while the pair are out signing, but back before long.
To the March of the Prince they then start a new life
and walk out of the church as a Husband and Wife.
Jenny Gilchrist.

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