Hemp workers…ba ha…

I can’t remember why I drew this picture a few years ago. I have a feeling there were bush fires in the area and I envisaged a very happy Pickers cohort surrounded by empty boxes and the sound of someone singing “Yesterday.”20170207_210529000_iOS

Picture by Jenny Gilchrist.

This is really a rather purposeless post, but I was just thinking about it, so….yeah.

In reality, hemp style cannabis is grown for a different purpose than “medicinal” cannabis, but cannabis of any kind is not really my thang.  However, apparently the regulations surrounding crops of any type of cannabis, even the so called helpful kind are so restrictive that it  makes it difficult to grow and difficult for the public to accept.

It’s a shame, because far from being just the reason you cut off a bit of the neighbour’s watering system, it actually has some very serious and useful purposes.  I have, for example a t shirt…so beautiful and soft, mmmmm, that is made of hemp.  And I don’t get the munchies when I wear it at all. (OK, I always have the munchies for chocolate brownies but I think that’s genetic, not drug driven.)

My mum, who was a nursing sister in the 50s and 60s used to give cancer patients or other suffering individuals cannabis, and all varieties of it for all different reasons.
What a shame we are too untrustworthy to be able to cultivate stuff for the right reasons.

I always wonder how the police Drug Squad manage when they have to burn illegal crops of the stuff, seeds n all.  Perhaps they looked like the guys above, except with caps on:

“My gun’s bigger than your gun.”
“Awww Dude! I love ya Dude, let’s go get some Macca’s!”
“Hey, is that…cough……Elvis?”
“No man….that’s just Steve, Elvis lives with Beyonce…or…actually, I think Beyonce died.”
“We gotta finish this bust…Bust – aha ha ha ha…BUST!  Boobs, Booooobies, Breast!! Boooozies…..ha ha hhaaaaaa………”
“I’m hungry.”
“What are we doing here? Why is Elvis over there? Let’s go find Maccas.”
singing..…”Yesterdaaaay,….all my troublesss seemed so far awaaaaaay……..”


Here’s some very interesting debates on the wonderful hemp plant….and what it can do, apart from plunging workers into the twilight zone when there’s a bush fire.

The difference between Hemp and Marijuana

Hemp in NSW Australia, or lack thereof!



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