You know you’re Australian when….(2)


  • 6OJ3wS2You would easily survive on Survivor.  Just need a bit of plastic  and a pointy stick.
  • You stock up on ice for Christmas, not firewood.
  • Your visitor says that there’s a giant bluetongued lizard in your front yard and you smile and says ‘aaawwww.’

    drop bear australia australian humor humour
    A nasty Drop Bear in a rage.
  • You’re SO glad you have a middle finger because it is THAT useful.
  • You ensure all your international visitors are clued up on Drop Bears.
  • Bindi is not only Steve’s daughter, they’re the accursed bane of your existence in summer.
  • When you see a spider the size of a dinner plate in your bedroom you go and get the broom and hairspray again.
  • You tear up when someone talks about the loss of Fred Hollows, Victor Chang or Chris O’Brien.
  • Your winter uniform is a flanno, hoodie and trackies.

    skippy australia australian humor humour
    “Where is she Skip?”….”Geez Sonny, wait until I catch my breath after landing the helicopter..”
  • Of COURSE Skippy could talk. Duh, and you can sing the theme song, even with the gum leaf whistle.
  • You think a Ute is a perfectly acceptable ride to the wedding.
  • You don’t have any trouble pronouncing Woolloomooloo.  (Bugger Mississippi.) Take that!!
  • You’re pretty sure there’s a Tassie Tiger out there somewhere.  And a Yowie.
  • Flies? What flies.
  • you have a chuckle watching “Gold Rush” on TV,…those little teeny weeny flakes.  Ha Ha.  (Now THIS is gold…)
  • You know that ‘pop’, ‘nick’ and ‘duck’ ….up the shops all mean the same thing.
  • Your kids are not sure what mosquitoes and biscuits are, but they understand mozzie and biccie.
  • You don’t always leave spaces between words….like “waddayadoinonsatdy?” actually a whole question.

    Play school windows australia australian humor humour
    Which window?
  • You always wanted to know if it was the round, square or arched window.
  • Bloody is the most excellent all ’round superlative you know.
  • You smile fondly when someone says ‘crikey’ and you now dislike stingrays intensely.
  • Whens someone talks about the Revolving Door you know they mean the Australian parliament.
  • A pie should contain nothing but steak mince.  You’ve never tasted pumpkin pie and don’t care if you never do.4ebe60fb16a95e42edf48c05c7ea9841-meat-pie-humor-humour-funny-australia-australian-aussie
  • You have a bit of vinegar in your beach bag.
  • Fannies are on the front, and you sit on a bum.
  • You know over 6000 abbreviated words that have an ‘o’ or ‘ie’  on the end.  Avo, smoko, arvo, blotto, servo, kerro, metho,  drongo, garbo – mozzie, tinnie, chockie, surfie, biccie, brekkie,kindie, trackie,  barbie, bottlo, …need I go on.
  • You know stubbies can be drunk or worn.24cb44b8e8cd093bedeeadb766badd47
  • You would never put your hands on the steering wheel in summer, unless you’d tested it first.
  • When someone says ‘Buggered if I know’, you understand they’re as lost as you are.
  • You can sing the Aeroplane Jelly jingle, even if you weren’t born in the 30s or 40s.
  • You would never, in a million years, wear shoulder pads playing football.
  • You’d laugh if a visitor with 5 days holidays said they were going to Cairns and Perth.
  • You shake your shoes upside down before putting them on.
  • You’ve complained about a handful of sand in your budgie smugglers or bikini bottoms at least once, and as kids you laughed at it like a ‘beach poo’ swinging around your bum.
  • you’re secretly pleased about all our killer wildlife.

    Australia-Meme-24 australia humor humour australian
    Sydney International Airport  Arrivals hall.
  • You’ve thought about frying an egg on your car bonnet.
  • You know chokos grow best over a dunny.
  • You take your time, and wait for a good wave to come in, when the shark siren goes off.
  • You always close the gate when the sign tells you to.

If you missed my first riveting post  on how to know you’re a real Aussie, here it is:
You Know You’re Australian When….(part 1)

Drop Bear image – courtesy of -australian/
Passport please meme – the internet scavengers –

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