My mother always told me that “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all.”
Sorry mum.  Seriously though, nice is just a bit boring. Give me a sharp stick and I’ll poke it at anything… I love sarcasm almost as much as I love chocolate brownies.

Hi, I’m Jenny, an Australian mum, living in Sydney, with teenage boys and a husband.  I guess one of my nicknames is Jay.  Onya, is Australian for “Good On You.”  You work it out.
With the very best of intentions (OK, that’s a lie) I bumble through, from one minor catastrophe to another, shaking my head at life,  trying to control it all, with a pathetic lack of success.  😀

First world problems are a noticeable source of fodder for writing.  Honestly, how do some people keep things in perspective when their major source of worry is what tone of beige to paint their walls?   Lost the remote control? Teaching your kid to drive?  Can’t fit your ‘stuff’ into the storeroom?  Bulging out of your clothes? Accidentally sprayed weedkiller on your mother in law’s fuchsia? – Devastating!    Go to a $2 shop and buy a can of Toughen Up.  Don’t expect any sympathy here.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. I saw flowers which look a bunch (more than “a little”?) like your red one when I wuzz onna trip to Lafayette, Louisiana. hmmm.
    so, whutcher theenking, is, “are we meant by that inane statement that we have to send each other money?”
    prawbubbly knot.

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    1. It’s a Waratah – the state emblem of my state New South Wales, Australia. It’s an aboriginal word meaning ‘seen from afar’ which it certainly is!!
      As for loooosianna, I don’t know why they’d have them there. And as far as money? Well you can send me whatever you like but I don’t think it wudd bee ressiperocated.

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