How Men Shower v Women Shower

She: Look in the mirror at the back of thighs for signs of cellulite. Sigh Examine your face wrinkles. Sigh, and scrabble around in your ‘creams’ drawer to find that Caffeine infused Intensive Anti-Aging, Antioxident, Clinically Proven, No Animal Testing, Illuminating, Soothing, Black Tea Gel, Anti-Wrinkle Cream to apply after the shower…..
He:Look at your manly physique in the mirror and suck in your guts to see if you have abs. No. Decide that’s OK because you gotta enjoy yourself sometime, right? Should get some more of that chilli beef jerky. That puts on muscle. Admire the size of your …………..biceps in the mirror and scratch your bum…….. … More How Men Shower v Women Shower

So who voted for him, then?????

I’m just sayin’, they’re VERY quiet whoever they are, as individuals or as a sector of the population. They maybe smugly going about their misogynistic business of disrespecting their women and spitting at immigrants, or maybe they’re the narcissistic nouveau elite – suddenly power charged and hungry for revenge on the Taxation system and Fair Trade, ….or maybe they’re the undead, I mean unread, the ones who, zombie-like, just follow the rantings of the nearest bunch of sheep. … More So who voted for him, then?????